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(Archived) Evernote Android calendar permission, expalnations?


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I'm writing in search of an explanation for why Evernote for Android requests the "read calendar events plus confidential information" permission. I haven't been able to find this in web searches or through this forum (though there are fragmented inquiries about other permissions).

To Evernote employees who may be reading this: please see that your company is clear[er] about why, SPECIFICALLY, its applications ask for each permission. While I like the convenience and polish of Evernote for Android, I'm annoyed that I have to ask for what is such a obvious sticking point for many people -- even after this is a well known point of controversy for any Android app, not just Evernote. Yes, Google could make it simple and compulsory to detail specifically on the Permissions tab of Google Play, but, as others have said, Evernote could as easily list this information in the text of the Overview tab. Insofar as it may be undesirable to have so much text in the Overview, Evernote could at least supply a link to a detailed page...

Which it does -- provide a link, that is. However, vexingly, "More information about permissions at: http://s.evernote.com/permissions" redirects to an overview that is simply identical to the vague Google Play Permissions tab. Not "more information" at all!

This is such a basic thing that people have a right to ask about; please be more forthright about the details. Should customers/users have to scour the forums for such a simple, straightforward thing? I am spurred by the apparent dearth of information about the 'Calendar' permission, and I can't identify a good reason why that 'permissions' page is just a reiteration of the Google Play store, still -- especially with Evernote presumably receiving an income stream from premium customers.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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