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iPad App Frustration

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I hope Evernote is looking at the iPad app because there is something seriously wrong with that software.

I was glad to see the recent update make the note editor run more smoothly. I listened to a GTD Connect webinar today and took some (what I thought) really good notes. Later I went back to the note and to my surprise ... most of the note was GONE. It was gone consistently across all platforms - OS X (Mountain Lion both app and web) and iOS6.

There's nothing in version history and I've got a support ticket open. And while I'm not ready to give up on Evernote but I'm definitely more careful of how I upload data.

I'm running the iOS app on my iPhone 4 and that software runs really well. No crashing or lost data. The iPad app on my 3rd Gen device is another story.

I really want to like Evernote but it's pushing back ...

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