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(Archived) I don't get why sorting by title works like this...

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Here's an example


Evernote sorts notes like this:

1. Note titled with 2012.12.05 00:40

2. Note titled with 2012.12.05 23:07

3. Note titled with 2012.12.05 10:48

I expect it sort notes like this:

1. Note titled with 2012.12.05 00:40

2. Note titled with 2012.12.05 10:48

3. Note titled with 2012.12.05 23:07

It puts 00:40 before 23:07 which makes sense since 00:40 is a smaller number than 23:07. But why does it put 23:07 before 10:48 then?

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May, just looking at the screenshot of your notes, it looks like the first two have 2 spaces before the time where as the last one has only 1 space.

This would account for how EN is sorting by Title.

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Since the year, month and day are the same for all 3 notes, you can eliminate those.

Now take a look at just the time




The sort method is based on the sum of the digits numerically from low to high.

0+0+4+0 = 4

2+3+0+7 = 12

1+0+4+8 = 13


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Thanks. JM solved it.

I used FastEver Snap app on different devices to add photo notes with automatic custom titles and didn't pay attention that the settings were slightly different on each device. Different amount of spaces made the difference.

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