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(Archived) Andmade Share Pro error after last Evernote for Android update


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I took contact with Andmade support and they advised me to contact Evernote Support as the problem occurs only after Evernote's last update. I tried support@evernote.com but that email bounced..

When I try to 'Fast Evernote Share' a Google Reader post using Andmade's Share app it produces an error report telling me nothing, but which is sent to Andmade.

The symptom is that no share action occurs, ie clicking on 'Fast Evernote Share' produces no reaction. The snag is worsened by other sharing options seeming to be affected by this, which tends to be my first share selection.

This is probably not the best place to expect a support reaction, but if anyone else is using Andmade's app it would be intersting to know if you experience the same kind of thing..



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The problem appeared after evernote android app was updated. Yes, I was asked my the dev to contact evernote regarding the issue. May be someone from evernote stumbles on this thread and gets into the matter. I don't feel like raising a ticket for this one.

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