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(Archived) Search problem in Evernote

Colin S

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I may have missed the right way to do this, but when I press F6 and search for a word or phrase, EN displays all the notes containing the search criteria in the list, but does not go to the first occurrence of that word or phrase. I realise that it is highlighted somewhere deep in the first note, but I need to find the word fast. If I have a 100 page note for example, I still have to scroll down until I find a highlighted word. If it is a two word phrase, I have to claw past all occurrences of each individual word before I find the phrase.

At present, I have to go to each note seperately and press CTRL-F or CTRL-Shift G to open a new search box in each individual note. In this search process, I do, at least, have the option to search again in either forward or previous directions within the note. Tedious!

What I want is to press F6, find the list of notes containing the criteria WITH the first occurrence displayed and THEN be able to press another key repeatedly (or at least have a button for "Next" & "Previous" in the search box) to go to the next occurrence of the word across ALL of the found notes, not just one at a time.

So, have I missed the method to achieve this somehow, or can we have this in the Wish List section for the developers. I have been using Info Select for years which has a VERY fast & easy search function, but it is not cross platform which is what has caused me to decide to place my money down for this one instead, but I really need a faster, more accurate retrieval of data.


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