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(Archived) Tags in Evernote 5.



In the windows version, I can ctrl-click on multiple tags to create a quick filter. That does not see to work on 5.0.3 in the side bar. Also, in the windows version I can ctrl-click on multiple tags and drag them to a note. That also does not work in 5.0.3. Lastly, in the windows version I can drag tags to nest them. That also does not seem to work in 5.0.3.

Given that I am new to the mac version, I feel like this may be user error. Any suggestions as to why this is not working as expected?


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Not only you can't multiple select, also when I want to display all of them, I get some weird tag structure that keeps moving by itself. Evernote for Mac is more or less a fail, until you fix it. Hope the good fix is coming out soon.

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Completely agree. My whole organization was reliant on tags, nested tags, and multiple tag selection. Evernote 5 just shot itself and me in the foot. Terrible. Sure the UI and some new features are pretty neat, but please don't assume everyone uses the tool they way you (as employees) apparently do. Why would you presume no one uses a major organizational feature of previous versions? Amazing. Just give maximum flexibility and let us use it the way we need it to work. Please!

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I'm thinking that Evernote has become so complicated, that they no longer know what all it actually can do (what customers depend on). Then they get some people, and do major upgrades. I'd bet they don't even upgrade the right version of the source code, at times, so stuff just goes away. Poof!

And with all the artsy Mac people wanting it to look like a beautiful work of art, maybe the majority is getting their satisfaction.

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