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(Archived) iPhone Problems - App Switching and Text Behind Keyboard

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I have experienced two problems with the last two updates of Evernote iPhone:

1. Notes Disappear When Switching to Applications - When I switch from Evernote to another application and then back to Evernote, the note that I am typing will re-appear only after the first application switch. In other words, I can switch to my phone keypad and back to my pending note only once. If I try to switch to the the phone keypad a second time and back to the note, the note that I am typing will disappear. This is a big problem because I often switch to my phone keypad to play back a message when taking notes. I also often switch to my bible application when taking notes during a sermon.

2. Long Notes Hidden Behind Keyboard - I also find that when I type a long note, the text will sometimes hide behind the keyboard. I can't scroll it up.

Has anyone else had these problems? Is a fix on the way?

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I can confirm these bugs. Also particularly in use on the iPod Touch, it would be nice if a note could be "starred" when creating it as I don't always have a wifi signal when making notes. This would allow the creation and editing of multiple notes before syncing. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit "pending" notes.

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