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(Archived) Use ⌘ + ⇧ + J shortcut to open Tags—consecutively

Douglas Bray


When I use cmd + shift + J to search Tags, the first time is ok. But if I want to filter another Tag I need to manually run the cursor over the Tag filter button to search another tag. Essentially, I can't use the shortcut two times in a row. Any ideas?


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One alternative is to create a shortcut in System Preferences, Keyboard to show all notes. I use cmd + shift + A. This resets the tag search so you can search tags again with shortcut key. Not a full solution, but better than reaching for the mouse.

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I think this was fixed in 5.0.3. I was having the same problem - Shift+Cmd+J would work once, but hitting it again did not re-open the menu. Now it seems to work fine - I can hit the shortcut multiple times and select additional tags to search. To clear the search, hit the shortcut and delete all of the selected tags out of the search box and hit enter. This goes back to all notes.

As for a shortcut for all notes - in my version Shift+Cmd+A is already the built in shortcut for showing all notes, so probably no need to create it in system preferences (when I open the View menu, I see that shortcut next to the "Show All Notes" item, which makes me think this is built in and not something I set up and forgot about)

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