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(Archived) Evernote & iHealth

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Evernote users will see their iHealth readings show up in their personal Evernote account as a Results Card, with weight and BMI data for scales, and systolic and diastolic readings along with pulse rate for blood pressure. For blood pressure readings, the Results card also displays a helpful graph showing relative results and level of hypertension. Users have the ability to annotate the individual Results Cards with additional information within Evernote. At the end of each week, a summary card is generated in Evernote that shows the week's data at-a-glance.


If I read this right, it seems iHealth are leveraging the free account to provide a results card to patients across a wide variety of platforms via custom software "Practice Fusion" which is in itself secure - it'd have to be to handle patient data.

But once the data gets into your personal account, the usual rules apply - no security but what we make for ourselves*.

I stress I have no special knowledge here - I just read up on the item after you posted. I'll be very happy if anyone from Evernote or iHealth wants to correct me. I'll be happier if iHealth make sure they have a security 'health warning' too in case patients want keep this data in their account...

* Sorry - that's almost a quote from a Terminator film.

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