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(Archived) Symbols & Scrolling Suggestions

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Howdy, I use Evernote regularly for taking notes in classes of a variety of different subjects at Texas A&M University. I am using the Windows version, and I would just like to say from my experience:

1. The scrolling jumps a little too far and greatly throws me off when trying to browse the contents of a note. I would look at one sentense, scroll a little down, then have to find where I was again. It would be great if smooth scrolling could be implemented - thus making it easier to sift through notes without losing your place of focus.

2. It would be awesome to include a main "symbols" button in a note that opens a variety of symbols or greek letters to insert. I found the symbols I needed for certain classes that I could copy from Microsoft Word, but it would save a lot of time having a handy button with a list of symbols to choose from.

Just some suggestions that I thought I might let you know of.


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