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(Archived) Feature request: Sticky views



In the 3.3.0 version of Evernote, you could add a button to your menubar to facilitate quick switching between the different kinds of views. In version 5, as it is well known, it is no longer possible to add this (or anything else for some odd reason) to the menubar. There is no keyboard shortcuts either, so you have to use the drop-down menu in the notes list.

The problem with the drop down menu is that it changes position and takes at least two clicks. I, personally, switch between List View and Card View several times a day. And especially switching to another view form List View is a pain, since it's a far reach. The other way around is tolerable, but it remains that the switcher changes position which, I should think, poses a usability problem.

So, I can think of three ways to rectify this issue. In order of priority:

1) Sticky Views. I can assign a default view to a notebook, a tag or a saved search. Say, I have a saved search, where I always want to use List View, I can let Evernote know to always open this saved search (or notebook or tag) in List View. Or, I can assign a notebook, for instance my Skitch Notebook to always open in Card View.

2) I can have keyboard shortcuts, so that I can quickly change views without having to do far reaches with my cursor. (I know this is a stretch, since it's been made clear, you don't like keyboard short cuts, though failing to substantiate why they're such a bad idea.)

3) I can add a set of icon (3.3.0 style) to the same effect of point 2.

Option 1 obviously is the one that requires the most work and commitment, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one switching views to accomodate the task at hand. I hope at least an alternative could be offered to the current view changer which is literally all over the place.

Edit: Added a point about having to click at least twice to change views.

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4) Place the selector icon on the other side of the list, so it does not move around. Just like it is on Windows (4.6.1 prerelease), which also have solution 2 implemented.

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