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(Archived) [Suggestion] Source/Title support for partial clipping!

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Hello everyone,

For the next release, could the team please consider adding source and title information automatically to partial web clippings. At the moment evernote only adds titles and sources when clipping entire web pages. This is really problematic at the moment, since every time I just wish to clip an important paragraph of an article, I have to type in this information manually (when it could easily be automated..).

Thank you :)

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If you are using Safari on the Mac, then I'd recommend using the "Paste to Evernote" action to clip. You can see this action under the elephant head icon in the menubar.

To do this:

Select the text you want to clip

Copy (Cmd-C) into the clipboard

Paste to Evernote (Ctrl-Cmd-V)

This will preserve the source URL of the page.

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