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(Archived) When selecting text in Firefox or Thunderbird, Win+A fails.


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Selecting text on a webpage in firefox (17.0.1) or Thunderbird (17.0), and then using Win+A to create a new note with the selection fails.

I do not get a new note. I get an error from Evernote saying "Clipboard capture failed." and included in the message is the title of my mozilla window, followed by more error message, <window title> "did not copy any data to clipboard or there is no selection."

But there is a selection, and this always worked in the past.

I can right-click on the evernote icon in the task bar notification area and select "Copy selection Win+A" and that will work, however that's not nearly as convenient. I can also use the web clipper when I have selected text in Firefox, and that will work (however, I don't have a webclipper in Thunderbird.)

So I really want my WIn+A to work again!

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? I'm not sure it's a conflict with keys because WIn+A brings up Evernote's error. Clearly it's trying to get the copied text. Maybe this is some new security "fix" in Thunderbird and Firebird to prevent apps that don't have the focus to be able to spy on what's in their windows?

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This was attributed to an issue with EvernoteTray.exe in another thread. Apparently that was fixed in one of the latest Beta builds (it is currently at RC)

Peter (from Evernote) also offered a replacement version of EvernoteTray.exe that was updated to work correctly:

Other thread:

Windows RC thread:

Alternative solution: http://discussion.evernote.com/statuses/id/209/


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