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Way to disable updating "syncing bar" animation at bottom left of Evernote?



Hola fellow Evernote users!

I was wondering if it's possible to disable the automatic syncing animation at the bottom left corner of Evernote for Mac?

I find it very distracting because every few minutes I see it syncing (and a bit annoying).

Would appreciate any help on this



P.S. this is my first forum post! I recently became a Premium user after being a free user for quite some time :D

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And in April 2014 - two years on - it's still driving me nuts!


Unless I'm missing something in the options, every time it starts a sync - I am distracted by sudden movement on my other monitor.


It drives me wild and has done for months.


Surely this would be an easy option to enable?


Something like: "Show animation for regular sync"

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Animation effects me badly. Folks like us are not in the majority. Thankfully many companies (eg Apple/Microsoft) see it as a disability/accessibility issue and provide a way to turn it off.


The sync animation is annoying, but also I've found the new 5.6 seems to have gratuitous animation that serves little purpose other than because "animation is trendy".


Try changing notebooks for a note, and it takes about a second longer to "roll down". Why? It was instant and snappy before and a pleasure to use. To me at least, this is a regression.


Now, I'm grumpy and bitching and feel powerless over these changes. I can't change how my brain works.


Is providing a setting to turn off all effects, too much trouble for Evernote to implement?

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