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(Archived) Paste as Text keeps HTML tags and formatting


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Today I encountered quite singular behaviour of Evernote - version

Having selected and copied into clipboard some part of Web page, I went to Evernote and create a new note (with Ctrl-N key), then pasted clipped text. It layed in the note with Source URL and formatting, as in original.

Then I went to the note body, selected all text (Ctrl-A) and deleted it, after that - pasted clipboard again via "Paste as Text" option. Text appeared without formatting, as desired, so I closed the note.

In the notebook, I have seen two notes - one with original HTML formatting (no plain text) and other empty note - without anything in it. Strange! Tested it several times with different web pages, the same result.

Would appreciate comments - is this expected behaviour or it is a bug.

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