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(Archived) 5.0.2 Mac Window Focus Issue



When I open a new synced note in a separate window in 5.0.2 on my iMac, the notes opens and the content loads. When the related notes are inserted at the bottom, the note window moves behind the main Evernote window. The note window should stay in front.

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I'm on Snow Leopard and seeing similar behavior starting with 5.0.2 and still in 5.0.3. I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently, but if I find an exact step to do it, I'll post again... Bottom line, main window keeps shifting to the background behind other windows, or even behind other apps.

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I am also experiencing this and would be happy to help with the fault finding or reproduction steps. It happens pretty much every time for me.

Mac OSX 10.7.5

EN Version 5.0.3 (400675)

Interestingly for me, it doesn't seem to be the ACTUAL main window that is appearing and taking focus as I'm unable to minimise or close the window. And I still see the main window minimised in the dock below (assuming I had previously minimised it.

If I click the main window from the dock, the 'fake' main window that was previously in focus disappears and is replace with the actual main window.

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