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Android Evernote list sorting

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Using Evernote for Android, I can see how to sort my tagged lists by various fields, i.e. date updated, date created, title, notebook, city or country.

However, itwould be good if we could choose the sort sequence - ascending or descending.

At the moment if I search on date created for example, I get the most recent note first in a tagged list and have to scroll to the bottom to find the earliest date created. It;s often useful to have your notes listed in ascending order (i.e. oldest first) so you can check off what's been outstanding the longest.

Please could sort sequence be added as feature in the next Android release?

(Unless someone can either tell me what I've overlooked, or supply a simple alternative that doesn't involve duplicating information...)

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Hope you can make some inroads into that backlog soon!

Sorting on Android would be very useful. It would mean we could use the "modify created date" trick to get things in "to do" sequence, rather than having to insert a yyyy-mm-dd date into the note's title...

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I agree with all posts suggesting all formats (windows, mac, android, ios) should have the same, full sort capabilities, at least on the note level. I sort by title descending in windows but when I use my android it doesn't seem to have any capacity for descending.

Since my titles are mostly generated by date "yyyy/mm/dd" it would be very nice to be able to look at the newest notes first (since often the older notes are least relevant).

How hard can this be?

I saw in an earlier post that it is in the queue for android. Please get it out of the queue and get it done!




Note: I apologize in advance if this function is already there and I am just to dumb to find it!!! Please inform me of this if it is the case. You can even use expletives when you inform me as long as you also include instructions on how to use it (sort descending...ANDROID)!

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The problem is that, before 5.9.1, I could sort by Title and actually *see* the Title on the Kindle HD app (Android I presume).


Once 5.9.1 dropped, when I view by Title, each line is choked because the app is inserting the Title between the Edit Date and any Tags, leaving room enough to only display 8 characters of the title before it truncates and adds an ellipsis (see Photo 1 below):


In Windows and iOS, you can still view alphabetically by Title, in Snippet and other modes, and you can still read the entire title (see Photo 2 below):



This just makes the UI almost unusable for my purposes.


Is this making any sense?



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Evernote currently has a different approach altogether now; there are no such things at List of Snippet views. Instead the information displayed is dependent on the sort criteria (and the sort criteria available are limited).Seems like a curious choice to me, but I'm lucky because my go-to display/sort combination on the desktop is Snippet/Updated Date Reversed, and that's pretty much what you get when you sort on Android by Recently Updated.

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