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(Archived) Problem: Deleting files after copying it in another folder.




Recently, I have started using Evernote and I came across this strange situation.


I have abc.txt file in folder MyNotes.

I create another folder say NewNotes and I copy abc.txt from MyNotes to NewNotes by dragging it to the folder.

I can see 2 copies of the same file in 2 folders, but

When I delete first file(pressing delete btn), Both the files are gone(soft reference, I guess) and the file is in trash.

Now, from the trash if I restore, it s back in NewNotes.(2nd folder which I created)

This seems to be strange.

I am running Evernote on Mac Mountain Lion.

Evernote 3.3.1

Is this an issue, or I am doing something wrong or is it suppose to work that way?

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