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(Archived) BitQwik now supports advanced source Url searches (sub-string matches)


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BitQwik is now available. In direct response to some of your feature requests for Note URL searching, you can now do sourceUrl searches by looking for sub-strings contained in an Evernote note's source URL field. This is one of the many searches you can do in BitQwik that you can't do with Evernote alone. For example:

  • Show me notes that I clipped from Yahoo.com
  • Show me notes with URLs that do not contain the word examples

Since BitQwik supports mixed AND/OR logic searches, you can also do searches like these:

  • List notes that I clipped from SlashGear.com that are tagged with robotics. Leave out notes I created last week or have outstanding todo items
  • Give me notes that have the word policy in their URL that I E-mailed to myself and are not tagged with urgent

This is important. I am not describing the kinds of searches you can do with BitQwik. Those are the actual queries. You don't need to know or use any of Evernote's search operators like "sourceUrl:", "tag:", "created:", etc. You just type in what you want thanks to BitQwik's natural language capabilities.

BitQwik is a free application for Evernote Windows users. Mac PC users should also be able to use it if you have software like Parallels or VM Fusion running on it. To download BitQwik or read more about it go to:


Disclosure: I am the author.

-- roschler

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