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(Archived) upload usage question

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If I have a humungous file with lots of pictures etc (say 1MB, already synchronised) and then add a small text note (say 1k) to it and resynchronise does that count as 1.001Mb against my current monthly usage - or 1k?

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We try to do the intuitively "right" thing regarding note changes and your upload allowance ...

If you have a big note with images or PDFs and you just add a little text, we'll only "charge" you for the amount that the text "grew". So in your example, you'd only be charged for the 1k.

(You don't get negative credit when you shrink a note.)

If you had a 2MB note and you added another 1MB image to it, we'd charge you for the new 1MB upload.

(You also don't get negative credit for removing an image or other binary resource.)

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The only thing you should watch out for is that if you pull out a 5MB PDF and replace it with another 5MB PDF in the same note, you'll be charged for that 5MB upload (since we need to receive and store the new file). This includes what would happen if you pull out a file, edit it, and put it back in, since that's a different file from our perspective.

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