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(Archived) Issue with automatically adding notes to EnB


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I'm already working with someone on the EnB Customer Service team on this, but I am wondering if anyone else has gotten it to work. I cannot get notes to automatically go into a business notebook. The Import Folders dialog doesn't show business notebook, only personal ones, and when I emailed a note to it (I tried t@Customer Service Data and test @"Customer Service Data") it just wound up in my personal default notebook.

Anyone else having an issue here?

As to a suggestion that makes sense for business users the Import Folder setting should be able to connect to mapped network drives and UNC paths, things that businesses use rather than personal hard drives.

I have the Windows client.

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Well, I got my answer from EN support, which on the business side is fantastic!

Right now, you cannot email to business notebooks and you cannot import directly to business notebooks using the "Tools|Import Folders" feature. Everything automated in nature has to go into a personal notebook and then dragged to an ENEX file and imported into a business notebook. This would include:

  • Scanners set to drop PDF files into a folder for Evernote to import
  • Emails from various users to a notebook
  • Files copied from any location to get into a business notebook

Any of those scenarios or potentially others have to go to a user's personal notebook, then exported and imported.

That is a deal breaker for our company. I anxiously await these features being implemented. Email is minor, Import Folders is a go/no go decision for us.

Now I'll see how easy it is to revert from Business to Premium.

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EdH, it looks like emailing into an Evernote Business notebook is now up and going. You should be able to use the @notebook name to assign emails to that specific business notebook now. When it comes to the tags, the tags need to already exist in the notebook in order to have them added to the note.

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