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(Archived) Issue with "Type to Find" Notebooks Features



I really like the type to find Notebooks features in the Mac v5 list, edit, and Notebooks views. Just to be clear on what I'm referencing ...

List Views

  • Show all notes
  • Other views showing a list of notes, like the Card views

Here pressing Command+J pops up a dialog you can type into and the list real time searches to find notebooks by the typed string.

Edit View

  • Any of the right or bottom docked note edit / viewers

Here pressing Control+Command+J pops up a similar dialog to type to filter the list of Notebooks. This is used to "move" a note to another Notebook.

Notebooks View

  • Full list of notebooks

Here, just start typing and the list filters. Real nice.

Ok ... the issue ... why do these searches not include or at least display when you type, the names of the stacks? I've got a number of stacks which help me organize my Notebooks and I'll type something like "Professional" expecting to get my list of Notes or Notebooks under that stack. But instead I just get no results as though the stack doesn't exist.

In some cases, such as the Editor view for moving notes, of course it makes no sense to be able to "select" the stacks that (don't currently) come back. So there it makes some sense unless you just couldn't select them.

In the other two cases however, to me it would make sense for users to be able to select a stack since Evernote supports showing all notes inside of a stack, regardless of Notebook. In fact, it seems so counter intuitive to me now that I'm consistently thrown off and have had trouble remembering ... I guess maybe my issue is that I work top down in a hierarchy? And sometimes, I remember what Stack something is in but not the name of my Notebook, because sometimes Notebooks come and go, but my Stacks are "context" (or other) like categories for being organized.

To be honest, I don't even care about drilling into a Stack, though I'm happy the feature is there.

At the least I'd like the pop-up dialogs and the filter in the note to include the typed characters against the stack, so that I could then down-arrow and select the Notebook I want. Either show it and you can't select it, or show it and make it selectable, or don't even show it, but at least allow the logic on what you typed to have been included. Please?

I guess it opens up some questions re: what is hidden and shown, such as, "do you show the child notebooks" in the same dialog, even if the search text didn't match? There's gotta be a compromise ... Then I would be happy drilling into my Stack, I suppose. But more ideal would be the parent/child relationship being displayed in the pop-up dialogs as well.

Maybe I'm alone in this :mellow:

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