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(Archived) Is this the right application

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I am new to Evernote. Am a premium member. Want to scan many years of teaching and preaching notes to eliminate paper. Looking for suggestions/recommendations on howbest to oganize files for scanning and retrieval.

Thank You all in advance


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Hi - welcome to your paper-free future. You'll get lots of wise advice here (keep checking back - there'll be more along later) but my basic principle has always been that everyone is different; what you need to work out is: what system works best for you? And the only way to discover that is to take a small subset of your paper mountain - a drawer, a shelf, or a folder - and start scanning. Keep the documents - you might need to do this again. But do some practical work to find out how much you've got and (realistically) how best to do it in a reasonably short timescale.

You have some basic choices to make - do you rely on searches of your OCR'd documents, an extensive tagging system, or by fully titling your notes; do you put all related material into one note, so that it's pages long; or do you make each document a separate note and rely on tags, titles or searches to tie them together.

You won't know any of that until you try some stuff out and then try to find a few things you know you just stored - don't be in a hurry to start the main project, but don't wait until you have a "plan" before you try things out.

There isn't a current best practice guide (that I'm aware of) but you'll always get suggestions, guidance (and occasional abuse) here if you post queries.

If it's any encouragement I'm 2+ years and 11,500+ notes into working towards my paper-free existence, and given that my reference documentation had its own room to start with, that's not bad going.

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Gazumped, advise is right on, start small and if it works full speed ahead. As for scanning, take a look around, but do read about ScanSnap, you can't go wrong with this scanner.

Welcome to the best place for advise about Evernote, again, you can't go wrong.


David in Wichita

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