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(Archived) Clipper Disabled in Chrome


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When logging into my Chrome browser this morning, I received a notice that Evernote has been disabled and "requires more permissions." These permissions included giving Evernote (1) access your data on all websites, (2) access your tabs and browsing activity, and (3) manage my apps, extensions and themes. What are these "new permissions" about, or could someone point me in the right direction to see what these mean? Manage MY apps, extensions and themes, these seem somewhat intrusive, but if the reasons for these changes are in guidelines somewhere, I'd like to take a look. Thanks.

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The permissions we ask for has not changed lately so it is weird if that dialog shows up on its own. Here's some more info:


UPDATE: We are in fact requesting more info about 'Your list of installed apps, extensions, and themes'

The reason for this is to resolve possible conflicts with our Evernote Clearly extension. We look if you also have Evernote Clearly installed and if you do we make sure they are not breaking each other.

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Mr. Browncoat, the only two things installed are Evernote itself, and the web clipper. The apps are on my desktop PC only, not on any mobile devices, including phones or tablets. I did not do anything out of the ordinary for the message to appear. I just clicked to start my Chrome browser and the messages appeared. The first was the "require more permissions" which had an option to see more detail, and that is where the information accessing data on all my websites, apps, tabs and theme appears. I do not have Evernote Clearly extension installed. I don't manage a blog or anything like that and have never even tried it. I mainly use Evernote to research, save and organize items I come across on the web that are of interest.

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Thank you Sir. I just the new version and look forward to using. I just didn't understand how these requests for new permissions suddenly appeared today, as the app was working fine last night. Thanks for sending the links to the pages about how Evernote uses the information it gathers from users. Security and safety should always be of paramount importance to a company, along with appropriate steps for the privacy of its users. Since I mainly use Evernote for political articles or articles on web/graphic design, it was somewhat baffling that Evernote would need access to my apps. But I am sure there are other users of the service who may not always use it in the appropriate manner, so I understand your business concerns. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter, and I look forward to continued usage of Evernote and the Web Clipper.

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