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(Archived) Evernote 5.0 Mac, iOS ... Don't like the new UI.



Hi, first post here. Signed in to express my dislike with Evernote 5.0. The old format was better, easier to organize, and less cluttered.

I'm a power user with over 6,000 notes and now I'm looking for an alternative as odds are the old look won't be back. Seems many others are disappointed too.

Change for the sake of change is never good.

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I have to said the the new interface is beautiful.

but it is not usable as the old one.

I use the "Carnet de Note" that allow me to have 3 colons, (Carnet de note, It content and the note that is selected)

With the new interface I lose the ability to navigate quickly between all my note.

the way that note is listed in the new interface is some what very hard to use. (for me)

And it take so many place. do we need it to be so big just to get a nested list ?

For me the old one was already perfect.

I just roll back to the previous release on my mac and iphone.

Best regards.

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I have the same issue. Power user---and GTDer. Changing the interface has blown my ability to use EN effectively for this purpose. While I (am required) to use PC at work--the old interface is still there. But my MBP no longer good for GTD using EN. I am also concerned the PC version will change as well. What gives? The change in interface seems so pointless---and even putting my GTD uses aside---I simply do not understand the net benefit of the new interface.

How about a compromise? Let users select the interface--then you will know which really is worthy of your support and further development. I have a hard time believing anyone ASKED for the new interface.

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I have a hard time believing anyone ASKED for the new interface.

I have been wanting interface changes, and asking for them for a long time now. If you search around on the forums, I think you will find others as well :)

In my case, I wanted customizability, so that I could hide the toolbar and still have the global search accessible from the hot-key (currently, there isn't much point in hiding the toolbar, unless you never use searches), use Vertical List View, have more sorts, access saved searches more easily and edit them, see more information at a glance (note counts, word counts, character counts, note sizes, etc.), and all kinds of other changes.

I suppose I would have settled with just straight parity with the Windows client, though. At any rate, I did not feel the previous version was productivity oriented enough, so I was definitely asking for changes!

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Hi, it's my first post here, too.

We're searching for a note taking and sharing app since mobileme has gone and tried a lot of things (apps and services, it's a shame that iCloud does not allow sharing). Evernote came close to our requirements. I used Evernote a few years ago, so I gave it a try and was shocked about what happened to the UI with version 5. The changes remind my of Skype. It uses way more space with less functions, nothing I like to work with on an 11inch Macbook.

I will stop using Skype as soon as I'm forced to abandon Version 2.x, and for the same cause we will not invest in the Premium/Business version of Evernote when you are going down that road.


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Well put DS. It's great to have first-time posters here on the EN forum to show EN what a huge mistake they have made with EN 5.0.

For every person like you who takes the trouble to post here, there are thousands and thousands of potential EN users who are just walking away.

Of course EN 3.0 is fantastic and amazing; so somewhere within the EN team there must be folks who know what they are doing!

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I am unhappy with 5.x mac.  I went from 2.0.2 to 5.x.. I don't want cloud/syncing.. I don't want to have to be logged in to use the database.  what am i doing wrong or is this the only way to use it?  I want to use it with local database and no internet. also, when I upgraded it altered the time stamp of every note to current date. yuck  Can someone help me out here, monirator?


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