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(Archived) I'm saving space on my phone using Evernote

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I just saved a few extra Megabytes on my phone, which I'm constantly running out of space on.

So, I had this app called Keyring that scanned my loyalty/reward cards from all the stores. It has a coupon feature, which I never use, so I wanted to get all my scanned barcodes exported and delete the 5 Mb app.

Step 1: install a screen capture app. I installed screenshot for Android and it works well.

Step 2: run the screen capture app, and open your loyalty card scanning app. Allow the screen capture tool to take the snapshot of the screen with the barcode. It should save it as a nice compact file - under 40 kb. Repeat until you've got them all.

Step 3: transfer all your screen shots to your evernote account. I transferred them individually instead of together to cut down on load time when I'm in a store. I tagged them 'barcodes' and stuck them in the folder 'Store Cards'.

Step 4: delete the loyalty card scanning app (keyring in my case) and the screen capture app.

Now you should have a bit more space on your phone. If this is not your style, with Keyring, you can download again and log in, and all your reward barcodes will download, so you've got nothing to lose.

Using this method is nice because the images that get created are going to be a lot smaller than taking a photo of every barcode and should alleviate download time when you're getting close to the register or are in a spotty reception area.

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Nice tip - I had a brief period when I wanted to scan all my plastic* and reclaim some wallet space; the only problem was about half the places I tried couldn't scan a bar code from my phone. Whether it's the resolution, the display, or cheapskate store owners with second-rate scanners I couldn't make it work. And my local library, which operates as though Charles Dickens were still alive, out and out refused to accept a 'copy' of a library card.

At least I hadn't shredded all my cards at that stage, so I went back to a stuffed wallet..

* bank cards excepted of course, for chip and pin reasons

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? The barcodes on my cards vary in size and shape - not sure what the technical name would be,  but they're basically straight strips.  That's the ones that don't still use a magnetic stripe or a chip.  And some of the magnetic ones need to be swiped through a reader,  or inserted in a slot.

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