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(Archived) Merging notes doubles upload?


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I can't say for sure but I believe it does, IF, they are already on the EN servers. The reason is because the two notes are combined into a single, new note, with a new GUID (Globally unique identifier) and the two original notes go into the trash.

OTOH, if neither of the notes has been uploaded to the EN servers & you merge them, only the new note will be uploaded.

At least that's my understanding of how EN syncing works.

(To clarify, IIRC, trash is synced EXCEPT when the notes were never uploaded to the EN servers. Which is why I think if you merge the notes BEFORE they ever get to the EN servers, only the single/newly merged note gets sync'd & not the two original notes that are now in the trash. This makes sense b/c if a note is on the EN servers & you delete it, the other computers/devices need to know that, so the trash gets sync'd. OTOH, if a note is created on my desktop & deleted before it ever hits the EN servers, there is no reason for any of my other devices/computers to know about that note. Hope this makes sense...)

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that's unfair, the same contents

You may consider it "unfair" but it makes perfect sense, since EN uses an upload limit. And if you read my explanation above, merging two notes actually is putting both original notes into the trash (where they can be restored if you accidentally merged the notes) and creates a new, third note.

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