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(Archived) How do I open this picture up in Skitch to "re-edit" it? (Skitch 2.0)


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I finally broke down and decided to give Skitch 2.0 another try. I'm really trying to give you guys the benefit of the doubt here, but I honestly cannot figure this integration out.

Here's a screenshot of a Skitch note in Evernote.


When I look at it I see that it's locked. When I click the lock it tells me, "To make changes, open this in Evernote Skitch." I genuinely have no idea how to do that. Double-clicking the image does nothing. Right-clicking gives me two options: 1) Save As... and 2) Copy Image.

I've lost the ability to snap Skitch, so I can't show you that Skitch shows I have "Skitch Notes in Evernote (0). That's quite obviously not true.

So. What switches do I need to flip to get this working the way Evernote wants me to?

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Ah this is a restriction currently due to the way Evernote for Mac and Skitch for Mac interact. It works like this for now in order to protect your content. We are working on a way to make Evernote for Mac and Skitch for Mac to work together seamlessly and ensure protection of original content.

In the mean time the simple way to do this is to launch Skitch for Mac and select the Evernote browser icon in the upper right (4 little squares arranged as a big square). This will display all of your Skitch notes stored in Evernote.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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