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Geotagging Notes

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Okay. So I really like this whole Geotagging part of notes created on my iPhone.

However, I would really love to be able to Geotag other notes...ones created on a computer or on the web.

Any plans to include a Google Maps API as part of this?

Am I posting in the wrong forum (as it will be used on Mobile, but actually needs to be added to the desktop)?

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You can manually assign the GPS coordinates in the desktop clients, but there's currently no way to automatically tag notes based on the location of your PC or Mac. There are some interesting options out there to do this based on WiFi hotspot IDs and other information, but we haven't decided on how best to approach this problem in a way that reduces the potential for being annoying, since incorrect geotagging is arguably worse than none at all.


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Ah, yes I see. I agree, incorrect tagging is worse than none.

However, in the desktop client, it is difficult to geotag a note. In order to do it, I will have to go open up Google Maps, Google Earth, or some other application to find the location, then copy and paste the latitude and longitude in one at a time.

Perhaps you could integrate Google Maps in some way?

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Why discuss geo tagging fm desktop when geo tagging fm phone is useless. Now that we can finally geo tag select notes, why doesn't it use current location? You must hand locate your note by an address. Out of luck if you want to mark your new secret fishing hole??  The tag has  no value though because you can't port it to a maps app for driving or hiking directions. EN seems to have wasted their effort on geo tagging your last meal ..wutsup w/that??  Tagging would be extremly useful if only it were easy & functional.  Programmers should be required to walkabout (with people) regularly.

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I have a recipe in IFTTT.com to create a note if I check-in with foursquare.com. 


(my previous recipe appended to a single note, but reading Jamie Todd Rubin's blog, I decided to split my checkins into individual notes, and to add notes for checkins that pre-date my use of IFTTT/Evernote.)


I missed the opportunity to add location data to my newly created notes - something I can correct, since I can use the foursquare venue location data.


But, IFTTT doesn't offer either the GPS location (from the foursquare trigger) or the geotagging fields (in the Evenote recipe), which is a pity, since I embed a link to a (Google) map in the note.


Looking at other threads about geotagging, it seems you may want to:

  • Tag a note at the location where you make it (like my foursquare checkins).
  • Tag a note based on the location that the note describes (for example, planning a holiday itinerary).
  • Tag a note with the start or end location of a journey.
  • Edit a tag easily, for example dragging a pin on a map.
  • Add a GPS/KML track for a journey (I want to go further and include car performance data).
  • Filter notes by specifying location range (for example, within 5 miles of X,Y or note Z).

Automating the process, would be good - I have more than 1400 checkin records, for example - gathered over a few years. Making it easy to geolocate would be a bonus. 

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