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(Archived) Print PDF to Evernote no longer works in V5



Since upgrading to V5 of Evernote on the Mac, I notice that Print PDF to Evernote no longer works. Evernote becomes the focus and it creates a note with the appropriate title, but the attachment it creates has zero bytes.

I also noticed that PDFs that are emailed in to Evernote now sometimes show up as blank in both iOS and Evernote on the Mac.

Any solutions?

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I am having similar issues with pdf's. I am using a Canon scanner to scan and convert documents to pdf, the CaptureOnTouch software that came with it use to send the pdf straight to Evernote, now with Evernote 5 (Mac) it creates a note with the correct headers but with a 0byte attachment (that disappears when saving the note). Similarly dragging and dropping pdf's from the desktop to Evernote 5 creates a note with a 0byte attachment. The only way I have had success with Evernote 5 is to create the note manually then click attachment and browse to the file, which is a long winded way when my scanner use to just send pdf's direct to Evernote.

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Same here, and it's not only PDFs. Any image (Photo, Scan, PDF) I drag and drop onto one of my notebooks in the sidebar results in the creation of a blank note. However, if I then try it a second time, it usually works. Very strange.

For this reason I've temporarily reverted back to version 3.3.

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