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(Archived) iPhone Pending issues

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Okay. So in Evernote for iPhone (which is AWESOME btw), I have recently (since the last update) been having some problems with Pending notes.

I have only noticed the problem when I start a note on EDGE (I have a first gen iPhone). The notes never appear to send. They always remain in Pending (even if they do send).

So, for instance:

1. On EDGE, I make a text note (or picture, whatever...doesn't seem to matter).

2. I tap Save, and the note is sent to Pending.

3. The note stays in Pending (even if I quit Evernote and move to Wifi...anything), with Waiting to Send or Sending as its status.

I can swipe across and delete notes, but then they just seem to remain there with the No Notes image over/behind them (it's a weird graphical glitch).

Any ideas? Is there any file I can send you guys so you can see what may be causing the issue?

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Can you confirm that this happens every time you upload a note, or only with some and not others?

In particular, if you create a small text note, does that upload successfully, or do you even get problems with that?

I'm also assuming you're on US AT&T network?


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Yes, I am on AT&T.

I know that so far I have had issues with a note with a picture I took (not attaching a previous image...just taking a new one) and with short text notes. Multiple times for each.

That being said, I don't write long text notes on my iPhone. Also, is it possible that if I quit Evernote sometime during the uploading process that the note's status is affected?

If there is anything specific you would like me to test, just let me know. I am happy to do it.

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Could you start from scratch on EDGE with no pending notes, and then see whether a new text note will trigger this problem?

If the text note works ok, then could you move up to a snapshot?


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Okay, now I tried it out. To be honest, I am having some trouble recreating the issue. I think this is because I am not entirely sure how I got it to happen in the first place.

I want to say it was a place with weak EDGE signal, so perhaps the issue comes about if the signal is weak?

I will continue to try to figure out how to recreate it, and I'll post back once I determine the method.

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