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(Archived) Evernote Suggestion for Tracking Savings


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I was just wondering if Evernote could create an app or something could be created within Evernote to track savings that one might make towards certain goals. As it is now, I have a text note of various savings plans, but I would like to have something that is an all in one place type of thing that I could have that lists either bank savings account totals or even if you have money in a jar squared away that you can input to say for example that you added $50 to the jar and the total in the jar is now $200 or whatever. The jar is just an example, but having something organized like this I think would be great and very useful for many reasons. Another example, I just thought of is for fund raising where money is collected in cash boxes and as you get various funds you can add them in as a recorder of what is going into the box, $5, $10, $20, etc..and as those totals are entered a total is building.

I know I could easily do this in something like Excel, but I would love something like this in Evernote and I think it would add to the functionality of it.

If there is a way to do this right now and someone could show me I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I hope this is something that could be added.

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Hi Heather, Thanks for those suggestions, I was actually looking for something that would be native to Evernote that could be incorporated within the program itself or as a seperate app that could be integrated within if you add that app. There definitely are plenty of websites and things I could use outside of Evernote for doing this, but not within Evernote that I know of and I think it would be a cool and valuable feature to add. I'm sure that there are others who take notes for various projects that include some form of calculation or tallying function that would love some features like this added to the program. I'm not looking for something complex or deep like an Excel spreadsheet would offer, but rather some basic features that would enable maybe a mini table within the notes to add numbers or amounts of money that could be calculated.

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