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(Archived) I've hit the quota of 250 sync'ed notebooks: Now, how do I convert "synchronized" to "local" notebooks?


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I'm a Premium account. Apparently hit the 250 quota. Now I want to be able to keep all my data so I'm trying to convert synchronized notebooks into local notebooks (which, apparently, do not count against the quota). But I don't seem to be able to do this. Is it possible.

If not, this is a pretty serious (and hidden) limitation!!?

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In case you don't get a quick reply from an expert, this being a weekend...

I just tried creating a notebook to see what it says, and when creating a notebook, it says that you cannot change the notebook type once it is created.

I'd take a backup of the Evernote folder before proceeding.

I'm not an exert, but can't you just make a local folder and copy or move all the notes over? Since we don't think it affects your usage limit, test it out, and make sure. I don't know if it moves the copied or moved notes to the trash, or what. You might have to dump the trash to remove the sync'd folders and allow for new ones.

Also, since you will have local notebooks, make sure to take good backups and keep some offsite, such as bank safe deposit box.

There is a thread we were responding to a couple of weeks ago about recovering old local notebooks from an old Evernote database, if it is ever necessary.

Anybody else on this subject?

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You cannot change a notebook from Synchronized to Local (or vice-versa). You'll need to temporarily merge two existing notebooks to clear up some elbow room; use tags to distinguish between the members of those two notebooks, then you can unmerge when you've created the new local notebook.

This is not a hidden limitation. See the following Evernote Knowledge Base articles on Notebooks (https://support.ever...on-to-Notebooks) and Local Notebooks( https://support.ever...-local-notebook). Seriousness is in the eye of the beholder. It's pretty easy to make a new notebook of the required type, and move notes into it. I'd expect that this is something that's not done all that often.

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I know but not everyone wants to use tags or finds it efficient for their workflow.

This works if you hit the limit:



I am not sure why you would go through that. If offline notebooks don't count, just create a new offline notebook, move all notes from the folder you want to archive to the new offline notebook, then delete the empty sync'd notebook, or rename and repurpose.


The problem is now data in offline notebooks isn't sync'd and thus not backed up at Evernote. You'd need to have a good backup plan in place.


I wonder if Evernote for Business has this 250 folder limitation. I suspect not. Maybe it is 250 notebooks per user.

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