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(Archived) Would this be possible to do using EN for a group?

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I am trying to revamp our performance review model for our athletes so our coaches don't have to individually meet with every player.

I have created a checklist criteria for minimum skill development and thought I could do a review for each player using the checklist, add addtional notes, and then possibly add a voiceover for each player note.

Is this possible or even the best way?

Would I then have to individually share each 'note' privately with each athlete?

thanks so much for any help as I am new to EN!


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Hi Jeremy, welcome to the group. I don't know about the 'best way' to give everyone feedback, but it's certainly possible to do this with Evernote. You might want to start a new notebook for each athlete so you can add notes for each day/ week/ month of training, and yes, you'd want to share each notebook with that athlete so s/he can see the comments. You could allow them to add/ edit information if you wanted to. (You'd need to be a Premium subscriber.)

This sort of one2one interaction is something for which Evernote seems very well set up - we'd be happy to help you here with any queries in return for some feedback on how things go with your project!

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