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How to rotate images in Skitch


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@greg - Unfortunately you can't do it in Windows either at this time. 


@Chris - The original question was about iOS, I was simply volunteering that you could do it on a Mac. Since you are asking, on a Mac you can open an image in Skitch, go to Image in the menu bar, and make your selection there. You can chose between flip, rotate clockwise and counter. 

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In iOS, you can rotate the image outside of Skitch. Just make sure the Skitch document has been saved to your camera roll, then rotate it in the standard Photo's app. Re-open Skitch and then the newly rotated image, which will retain the annotations, all fully editable.


I know that doesn't allow rotation of the markup objects, only the complete image, but then you can't do that in any version of Skitch as far as I know (well, on the Mac and iPad you can grab the handle and pull the object around, which lets you sort of rotate it if it's an arrow or line, but you can't rotate independently of changing the size and shape).

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On the Mac and iOS you can rotate Arrows and Lines, just not any other shape at this time.


On Android you can rotate any shape. 


Win32 is a bit more limited.


Shape rotation is forthcoming. We have been testing it on Android for awhile now and feel good about the need and the experience. 

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