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(Archived) Note window title does not change when navigating



Small bug: when you view a note in a separate window, and click on a note link, the title of that window does not change. So if am viewing a note called "Roadmap" and I click a link to a note called "Version 1.0", the title of the window still says "Roadmap" even though the contents of the window show the "Version 1.0" note.

This becomes a pain if you later try to re-open the "Roadmap" note, as you end up with two windows with the same title but different contents.

Of course, this would be less of an issue if we had a Back button (just thought I'd throw that out there).

Update — actually there is more of a bug than I thought. Try this: bring up a note that contains some links. Click on one of the links—you'll get the note contents with the wrong title, as described above. Now hit Command+W to close the window—the window doesn't close; instead you get a new, Untitled note in its place, which you then have to go hunt down and delete. Ick!

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