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(Archived) Formatting text for a header.


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I've been making great use of merging of notes.. Seems to have simplified my Evernote workflow substantially. There are a few glitches (notes merge with most recent on the bottom and I want most recent at the top) but not a huge deal.

When notes are merged, EN formats what was the Title on the note to a bold, larger print on a colored background so one can spot where one note leaves off and another begins. I could make good use of this auto-formatting, but there isn't an format painter like we would see in MS Office apps and the like.

Or, is there?

Is there a way to select a block of text and auto format it to this header formatting?

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Not that I know of, no. Header styles have been requested any number of times. I think that it'd be pretty useful.

I suppose one thing that you could do is set up a note containing the pre-formatted styles that you would like. You could open it as a separate note window and just copy/paste from it into your working note. Awkward, but better than re-creating the style you want all the time.

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Thanks Jeff.. Not sure how complicated it would be to have a format painter like that found in MS Office and others. Or, to create a Note Template..

I've used KustomNote.. maybe my solution can be manufactured there...

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