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(Archived) Sharing Notebook Loses Note Order?

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I was thinking of using Evernote to create notes for an upcoming time management seminar I am using. I gave each note a Chapter number and sorted it by title so it would be in order.

But when I share it, it loses the order of the notes - I think it defaults back to the date created in reverse order? Is there a way to control this?

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Haven't had the problem, so not sure about a direct fix, but I can think of a couple of work-arounds:

  1. Put the notes in the required order / go to list view / select & copy all / paste into new note / set created date so it comes up as the first note - you'll have an index of all your pages in the correct order.
  2. Fix the created dates of all your notes (obviously not practical if you already have lots) to list in the correct order.

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Yeah, I had thought of the date solution but it is quite awkward as you have noted.

Pasting it all into one note loses the navigation I am trying to preserve.

Not sure why they would allow us a view by title in the views but not keep the view when outputting the public link version. Ruins sharing if you can't control the order. I may use the date order idea for this first short course, but I am hesitant to use it for my upcoming more in-depth workshop if the order isn't maintained.

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There used to be a setting that would allow you to set the sort order it would show, but the menu seems to have changed. :(

(Now if you go to properties -> Sharing and collaboration options, you are taken to a webpage with the adjustment options which doesn't include sort.)

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Thanks for finding that Scott. Do you work at Evernote?

The link on the Sharing and Collaboration options comes up page not found. I would really love to solve this as I think it would be great to compose my course notes directly in Evernote and share them in a shared notebook. Otherwise, I have to write it in Word or Scrivener.

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I don't work for Evernote, I am just a user like yourself. :)

I only know it was there, because it was an option when I first created my Notebook. Now that I think about it, I can't exactly remember how I have mine set up...anyway...

When I click on the Sharing and Collaboration option, I am taken to a web page that shows the options:



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