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(Archived) Shared TroubleDesk Notes: Can this be done in Evernote?

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I really love Evernote for my personal life and was wondering if I could implement this into my workplace. I know very little about the ins and outs of evernote and was hoping some of the Guru's around here could help me out.

I'll let you know what I'm trying to do and see if anyone can tell me why it can't work or what I'll have to change to get it to work.

I work a trouble desk job with 2 other technicians doing software support. We currently use Outlook to share our notes, which works but it is horrible because we really can't use it for a lot of the things we need notes for. We use OMD which is a crappy program for the actual trouble tickets that come to our emails but I'm looking for a way to import our trouble tickets into the system into shared notebooks that we can all add tickets to, along with descriptions of how we resolved problems etc

I know evernote can do a lot of this but right now I see a few things that I'm not sure how to get around

First off I was hoping to use a notebook for each client we have, notes inside the notebook would be the individual tickets we put in. What if we have more than 250 clients? are we screwed here? is there another way to keep the tickets separated for clients?

Also it looks like right now in order to have notebooks that everyone can add to we would have to upgrade to premium right? or will that even work? From what I can tell, in the free version you can only share the notebook for someone to see, but not add to.

So lets assume I have to upgrade to premium which is fine, I want to make something along the lines of this

A-C Cluster




D-F Cluster


You get the drift. Assuming I can keep the notebooks under what I think is the 250 notebook limit, will I actually have to share each client individually with the other technicians? Can you share a cluster and all new notebooks therein?

Is there a better way to do this? Is there anything online that will show me what other people have done like this? I hope I'm not being too openended but I'd really like to use evernote to do this but I'm not sure that even with premium that I'll be able to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. Thanks for the detailed use case, and I'm sorry to respond much more succinctly, but: forget it.

Evernote is supposed to be launching a new business version this month, which may offer something you could use. But the current version - whether free or premium - has one major flaw. It isn't a multi-user product. There's no lock against one customer record being open on several machines and altered by more than one of them. You'd wind up with several different versions of the same fault records. Plus if you change a note, that change has to get back to the Evernote servers before it's available to another user. If the same customer rang you three times in an hour and spoke to three different agents they might all see the same blank call record. And they would all record their own version of the (increasingly unhappy) trouble call.

Evernote is great for keeping a central note of your how-to's and fixes with read-only access for all, but not for running a fault desk.

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