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(Archived) How to Sign out of ALL evernote instances?


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Sorry to hear about your lost computer! You have a couple options.

(1) Are you just worried about protecting your data from others?

You can go onto evernote.com, login to the Evernote website, and change your password there. This will prevent anyone from modifying your notes there. However, they will still have access to your notes on the desktop.

(2) Are you more worried about someone seeing the notes on your hard drive?

- You can use another computer to download the desktop app, sync your notes, backup your database, and export your notes. If you have a backup already, you can skip this step.

- Delete everything in your account. Make sure to empty the trash and sync. This will destroy everything, so make sure you really have backed up and exported your notes beforehand!

- Why do this? If someone opens your Evernote account and syncs, then it will erase everything on your lost computers' drives. Of course, you'll have to create a brand new, separate account for Evernote under this scenario -- your current account will have to sit there empty and waiting for the logins, which may never come.

How to prevent problems if your computer is lost or stolen?

a. Make sure to encrypt your hard drive. It is easy to do, and it will protect all your data. If you have already done this, then you are probably all set. You could still try (2), but they probably won't be getting into your data either way.

b. Make sure to password lock your computer with a strong password. If you already did this, your data is probably pretty safe from the average person on the street, but anyone with even a little bit of tech savvy will be able to get into your computer. Unless, of course, you have encrypted your drive :)

c. Make sure to encrypt sensitive data if you put it into your account -- I prefer to encrypt PDFs before uploading the files. This is just a good idea whenever you put anything into any cloud service.

d. Backup regularly. This is just a good idea for anyone.

e. If you are on a mobile device, you can put a password or pin lock on your device, and you can put a pin lock on Evernote as well.

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I have lost my laptop and I had evernote chrome and windows installed on it. What's the best way to protect the information i have there? Is there anyway to logout of all of the instances remotely now that I dont have access to the actual laptop?

The first thing to do is change your Evernote login password.

If you did not have your Evernote database encrypted (IE in a Truecrypted container), the thief/finder can still get into your EN database. If you had a password on your laptop, that's helpful. But anyone who is the least bit computer savvy can look at the hard drive & if they are SQL lite savvy, they can get into your EN database.

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