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(Archived) Reminder in advance of app permissions expiring

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It would be handy if a reminder email could be sent to users X days (say a week or so?) reminding them that an app they have given one year permission to access their EN account is expiring and offer to renew it for another year.

I just had IFTTT notify me that my connection was broken and it was because the year was up. I haven't done anything today that would have been lost so I am ok, but had I been traveling I am not sure between the massively wierd formatting in the IFTTT email and their site if I could have renewed my authentication without powering up a laptop and finding a WiFi connection.

https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action shows what is authorized, and it appears there is no way to extend. It simply has to expire and be dead for a bit until it is reauthorized. A renew button and an email notice a week in advance would be nice.

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