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(Archived) Logging into to Evernote for WM

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I like the idea of viewing notes from the Evernote WM client, but PLEASE don't have evernote try to log in unless we are trying to view notes or have to upload a file.

The fact that Evernote logs in during start up poses several problems:

1) Adding 10 additional seconds to start the app isn't my idea of productive when all I need to do is capture a quick text note.

2) If there is no internet connection available, the evernote client becomes useless... I had difficulty logging in last night and what should have taken me 15 seconds ended up taking over 5 minutes to do!

I suggest that you have evernote log in when a user wants to view notes on the WM client OR when they need to upload data.

I would be perfectly content having evernote queue my notes until I'm ready to upload them instead of waiting for it to log in 5 or 6 times throughout the course of the day. SPEED of use is most important on a mobile client.

Thanks :)

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Don't have an announced date for this to be released yet ... we're still investigating other issues that have come up with the last WM release, in particular some compatibility issues on some phones.


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