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(Archived) Feature Request- Notebook Password Protection

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I have been a user of Evernote for several years and love it! My only wish would be the option to password protect notebooks. I found confirmation in the help section that this is currently not available. Anyone know if there are plans for this to be available at any time in the future?

Thank you.

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There has been plenty of discussion on the board already. Please use the search function. In a nutshell, it appears EN is not inclined to do this anytime in the near future & (also discussed on the board already), EN does not share their road map or ETAs.

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I agree, it is too bad that EN is not inclined to implement such a feature. I think it really needs to have an option to encrypt/password protect an entire notebook. I understand that if this were to happen, that you couldn't search that notebook. I think that is a fair trade off for some additional security when you need it. I read a lot of posts where people are storing relatively sensitive notes on EN, which I think is always a mistake to save such documents online unless you use encryption. Unfortunately, the current workarounds for securing a note in EN is just too cumbersome (e.g., encrypting text in individual notes, or uploading individual encrypted files).

I know EN is against doing anything that prevents universal search across all notes, but they should really consider how their customer base is using their tool, and consider providing some options that promote safer use of EN.

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