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(Archived) Why can't I access pdf's offline with my Premium acct?

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This last week I was on vacation and had organized all my important travel papers on pdf's in Evernote. I have a premium account and my plan was to access pdf's on my Android smartphone while travelling. I have an 8 gig memory card and selected that Evernote data is stored there. In addition, I had put my evernote settings on the phone on "Offline search". I was in areas in which there was no wifi or internet connection. I discovered that I could not access any of my pdf's (even though I compulsively synched that phone prior to the trip). I kept getting a message "You are not connected to the internet. Please try again later." What's going on?

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Did you select the specific notebooks to make them offline (not just setting up offline search)? This is an additional step that you need to do on a notebook-by-notebook basis.

To test this, I just put my Android phone in Airplane mode and checked a PDF in an offline notebook and a non-offline notebook (I have offline searching off). The offline PDF opened just fine, the other did not.

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Seconded for the offline notebook trick - I get PDFs without problems when I'm off network but you need to know about the notebook setting. Check the notebooks view on your Android and tap the tab on the bottom right of the notebook title.

Beware that there's some weird stuff with Android phones too - external SD cards aren't properly recognised by the OS. If you have an 8GB phone plus an 8GB SD card, your card isn't separate. It becomes a sub-folder of the 'USB storage' space on the phone, and Android/ Evernote will still use your base USB storage, while calling it "SD card". If you have a large database this can mean you run out of storage space. The answer is to select "offline" on a specific notebook and only keep the files you might want to browse offline there.

Sorry if that's a bit tech and complicated - it's late here and I need sleep!

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Sorry gazumped but I wasn't able to follow this at all. I checked the notebooks view on my Android and saw the tab that you mentioned. I selected "enable offline synch" on each of these notebooks. I then made sure that in the general settings I enabled "Offline search". On the app settings I noticed that Total Storage is 13.6MB, App storage is 3MB, USB storage app is 10MB and SD card is O MB. I'm not sure I understand why the SD card is listed as zero since it is where selected my data to be stored at. The bottom line is that this glitch caused a major mess-up on my recent trip leaving me stranded without the usual paper documents that I usually carry. I think I'm ready to shelve this aspect of Evernote for now until I find a 100% glitch free system for my android (one that works as effortlessly as my windows client EN does).

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Hi idoc,

Not sure this is a glitch, but maybe more of a misunderstanding of how off line notebooks work.

I find that if I want a pdf on my android phone I have to select it to download. I tend to do this before leaving if I am on the road and need a specific document. Once it has been downloaded then it obviously does not need doing again.

There may be easier ways of doing this, but that is my method.

Best regards


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not sure I understand why the SD card is listed as zero since it is where selected my data to be stored at

That's the point I was trying to make last night/ this morning - your phone's USB storage is what it and most applications seem to mean when they talk about "moving items to the SD card" - there's even a folder on your 'phone storage called "SD storage" (or something similar) that *is* the USB storage. The actual SD card is a sub-folder at /SD storage/SD card which seems to store only photos and music.

All of this becomes a problem only if you exceed your phone's base storage, so if you have a 1GB+ phone you seem to be OK at least for the moment.

If you have selected offline search/ storage in both Evernote's basic settings and the note properties, you should be able to read PDF files. If that's still a problem you can download the files separately as Chris suggests.

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Actually, I just resolved the problem. I contacted tech support and they had me download the newest version of the android software (beta). Now it works perfectly. I was doing all of the above but nothing was working.

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