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Feature Request - Individual Notebook Sorting

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If I open Notebook 1 and sort by title, then open Notebook 2 and sort by created date, when I go back to Notebook 1 it will now be sorted by created date. I always want Notebook 1 sorted by title and always want Notebook 2 by date.

This is a minor detail, but annoying nonetheless. I can't imagine this is very difficult to implement - most desktop email clients have this (Mac Mail for sure).


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Piling on this request!

Evernote markets itself as a platform for organizing and collecting everything in your digital life, so it really requires a level of sorting granularity that makes using EN a pleasure, rather than a pain to use.

There are some notebooks I have that I always want to see sorted alphabetically (i.e. my "inventory" notebook), and some that I always want to see sorted by last updated date/time (i.e. invoices). Not being able to set different sorting schemes for notebooks is aggravating to say the least, and until EN adds per-notebook sorting settings, I have to resort to all kinds of ugly note-naming taxonomy to override the global sort scheme (such as pre-pending note titles with hardcoded tags, like "[20121205-0712]" if I want the notebook to sort by date/time).

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Another +1 on this! I have over 100 notebooks and it's very frustrating when I'm constantly in and out of multiple notebooks to have to keep changing the sort settings back and forth. I'm sure the addition of this feature would save frustration for more than just the users posting in this forum. :)

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