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(Archived) Synching and Sharing Notebooks



Hi! I have a premium account in Evernote 5.

My assistant and I use the shared notebook feature for to-do's, etc. (yea for this feature!!)

We're having trouble synching the notes though.

1: when I hit synch (the circle of arrows on the top left) , the blue bar at the bottom indicates its working, but the note does not actually synch. What's up with that? I can test this more accurately, but I think her changes arent showing up for me, but mine are showing up for her.

2: What happens when you're working simultaneously on the same note? How does Evernote synch?

3: How do I merge or reconcile an original note with a note created out of a 'conflicting change'. For example, I have two very different versions of "Shannon To-Do" note.

4: Is there a certain process to follow in synching that makes it more reliable / successful? Can you set instantaneous synching?

Thanks for any help!!

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