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(Archived) Sidebar expansion of notebooks, tags, etc



Having to right click the notebooks or tags links on the left sidebar to "expand" them is a big nuisance. If you double click the link it should auto-expand or auto-hide, depending on current state. I don't want to travel my mouse all the way back to the main window to select a tag. I want to hit the drop down and pick one.

And on that note, when we do click "tags" on the sidebar and we do want to pick multiple tags from the main window, the tag list in the main window should auto-expand if you have tag groups. Big pain having to hit "tags", then expand one or more "tag groups" to get the tags we want. For example, I have ~50 tags that are grouped under about 5 tag groups. So if I want to pick "Chicago" out of the "Places" tag group, and I want to pick "BBQ" from the "Food" tag group, and I want to pick "Vacation" from my "Personal" tag group, its a whole lot of clicking. I do like the new way of picking multiple tags, but auto-expanding would make it even better.

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