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(Archived) Hard to break old habits - need to tag better

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Over 26 years of using hierarchical file tree systems makes it difficult for me to organize using tags.

I see the value of tags, I really do. I have tagged all the stock photos I have purchased so I can easier find a photo when I need it when I am developing my presentations. Tags work far better for this as photos in folders I wouldn't have thought of also work.

But my first reaction is to still create a stack, then a notebook, then notes within. Part of it is I am currently writing a course notebook for my upcoming course in it which are arranged in chapters which is like a file tree. Maybe as I dump more free form notes into it I will get better at tags.

At the moment, I add notes, organize and often forget to tag them. I guess I will have to join File Tree Anonymous and get help. :)

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Don't worry, you're in good company. Evernote isn't super-helpful in the tags area - I think we could do with much more tag management, sorting and prompting that we have at the moment, but no doubt that's on a road map somewhere.

Meantime I tag/ don't tag, I use the wrong word - holiday/ holidays; budget/ expenses; health/ doctor/ medical - and I periodically go back to titles only: "<source><description><details><yyyymmdd>" and deliberately don't tag for a while.

I regularly 'garden' my database - prettying up the soil, removing weeds, pruning titles, editing or adding tags where I got things wrong - that's just a fact of having a collection of data where you want to be able to find stuff again, reliably and easily, later. The term's a carry-over from my Wiki activities where wiki-gardening is a recognised and popular hobby...

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