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(Archived) how do I print images from a note that I made with my iPhone



When I make a note with my iPhone that has images attached and email it to my office they are unable to print the note with the images because the images are too large and have to be saved separately and resized. This is a major hassle and hardly worth it! How can I just print the "note" with the images imbedded in the note?

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No I have never received a fix for the problem that we are having printing images from notes.

To be clear

When I am in the field I take pictures of homes. I email the note back to another evernote user and the images are too big to print. The only way that we can print the image is to save each individiual image within each note( there are usually 4 or 5 images per note) and then resize the images to something smaller. I am using an iphone 4 to create my notes so the image size starts very large.

Hope that makes sense.


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I have been taking images on my phone and emailing to myself, then dragging into evernote. They look fine on screen but are huge in print. It only happens on mac - on the pc at work they print as they look on screen. I found that simply dragging into word and then back into evernote solves the issue.....not sure why, but it works for now so it will have to do. I dont think it will be of any help to you unfortunately unless someone at the other end of the email can highlight the images, drag into word and then drag back again.....If I find another solution Ill post back

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