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(Archived) How to set default list order

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I'd like to have Evernote remember my preference for default list order:

  • sort by title
  • do not list in reverse order

Evernote always seems to default to sort by creation date, and when I switch it to sort by title, it always has REVERSE ORDER checked off. I'd like to either set my default preferences or have Evernote remember the last order used.

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Hi QueenofOakville, welcome to the forum :)

I am assuming that you are using the Windows Client?

This happens sometimes where the sort order that you choose does not get saved.

Usually the way to sort it is to choose your sort order, and then exit Evernote via File -> Exit

This should force the sort setting to be saved in the registry and when you open Evernote again it should be as you left it.


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You're welcome :)

I'm not really sure why this happens...As far as I know, the settings are saved when EvernoteTray.exe exits (that is what is closed when you do the File - Exit method) and I guess that something interrupts this (maybe on shutdown?) preventing the setting to be saved...

Anyway, let us know if it works :)

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